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Big Rock is quickly becoming one of London’s most progressive digital performance agencies, working for some of the fastest-growing and most innovative businesses in the UK; from scale-up fintechs like ClearScore to well established global brands like Direct Line and Aon – all looking to invest in accelerated digital marketing performance.

Ever since we launched back in 2011, we’ve challenged traditional approaches, putting results, data and innovation at the core of our model while always delivering knock-out content through our award-winning in-house creative production team Pebble Studios.

Utilising the latest developments in technology and cutting-edge data science, we fuse our industry-leading creative with a fine-tuned analytical approach to guarantee increasing revenues for our clients.

Specialist Sectors

  • B2B
  • Fintech
  • Finance
  • Technology


Not an agency. A growth engine.

Looking to attract a B2B audience? We’ll help you design your growth strategy, inspire your customers, automate your sales and marketing functions and maximise your ROI.

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Innovative marketing for innovative brands.

We work with brave fintech brands to get them where they want to be, transforming their grand visions into incisive growth strategies that deliver fast, get results, reduce cost per acquisition, and prove ROI every step of the way.

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Out with the dull. In with the bull.

It’s time to really shake things up in the financial space. Our mission is to help financial businesses re-invent their relationship with audiences through a creative approach that is engineered to inspire.

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Data driven marketing for data driven brands.

We help tech businesses grow fast by adopting a scientific approach to their marketing. This allows us to help them identify high performing channels early and leverage them to scale at pace.

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How we can help you

Attract Customers

We help businesses get found online, to cut through the noise and speak only to those likely to become leads and ultimately new, delighted customers. To do this, we start by understanding who your ideal customers are; what they like, their online habits, the problems they face.

We then conduct analytic research to create detailed buyer personas representing every aspect of your target demographics. Using these, we establish a delivery strategy across 4 key areas –  Social, SEO, Content Marketing & Paid – all geared towards turning data into real results for your brand.

Social Media Content Marketing SEO PPC Marketing Lead Generation Inbound Marketing

Convert Customers

Converting website traffic into leads and customers is about creating tailor-made content built around the needs of your audience,  constructing a fine-tuned conversion funnel that will engage and nurture new visitors, and clear UX design with optimised forms, calls-to-action and landing pages.

At Big Rock our digital services team design stunning web environments that not only look great but will work tirelessly to win you business online.

Digital Content Web Design Video Production Thought Leadership

Nurture Customers

In today’s competitive marketplace, the reality is that not everyone is ready to buy, you need to keep visitors, leads and existing customers educated, engaged and delighted with your service. To do this effectively you need to be relevant and personalised with your marketing.

By integrating the latest marketing automation technology, we help businesses gather online intelligence about customers, nurture them with personalised content, pushing them along the sales funnel ensuring every interaction is a delightful one.


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Our Approach

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See how we scored big by driving subscriptions through TV and online content for the UK's #1 fintech.

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Our Clients

What they say

“The team at Big Rock were a pleasure to work with.  They really understood our challenge, they were data-driven and brought energy and enthusiasm to the project and really over-delivered in the end.”

rossa shanks

Rossa Shanks, CMO @ Dow Jones

“Working with Big Rock has been a terrific experience.  They really understood our objectives and where we wanted to go as a company.  Everything was kept on schedule and there was always someone thinking about how we can take our marketing to the next level.”

johannes lehmann

Johannes Lehmann, Managing Partner @ Symbiotech

“We’ve been absolutely delighted with Big Rock and their approach and implementation of SEO. In just under 3 months we’ve started to see No 1 rankings for our target keywords, and a significant traffic increase as a result.”

Dave Jenkins, Founder & MD @ Feastly

Big Rock has been a breath of fresh air to work with. Combined with their ability to complete projects quickly and professionally, their understanding of our brand and how we want to communicate with our customers is the main catalyst for our ongoing relationship. It is an agency we would highly recommend.

David Ford, Marketing Manager @ Share Centre


Performance marketing is a holistic approach to digital marketing that utilises a combination of high-impact techniques to optimise digital performance and achieve accelerated growth.

For businesses, all digital channels provide an opportunity to reach out and connect with their customer base, with each new advancement offering a fresh, exciting way to engage and excite both existing and potential audiences.

A performance marketing strategy can cover:

To have an impact in an increasingly saturated digital space, digital marketing requires a unifying performance-driven strategy that can effectively bring together the many moving and evolving parts that will have the maximum impact for your business in the digital space.

For the full insight on how to develop a performance-optimised digital marketing strategy fit for 2018, you can download our comprehensive guide here. Or if you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch to speak with one of our lovely experts.

To improve marketing performance, you need to know how to measure marketing performance across all your performance-driven advertising efforts.

To do this, you need to establish an intelligent feedback loop that connects analysis and iterative improvements – this is the beating heart of your performance marketing strategy, allowing you to elevate your digital impact from run-of-the-mill to game-changing via an ongoing process of marginal gains.

To improve your digital performance in this way, you need to put measures in place to track, measure and visualise all data sources relevant to your performance marketing campaigns, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your process, strategy and creative output, then optimise and improve where appropriate to ensure you are performing at your best at all times.

A digital marketing strategy is an overarching digital marketing plan designed to maximise the reach and effectiveness of a business in the digital world.

An effective digital strategy will involve many moving and evolving elements that span three core areas:

  • Awareness
  • Conversion
  • Nurturing

Within a broader strategic marketing plan, a digital strategy will consist of digital marketing campaigns that are individually geared towards one of these three core components and designed around a specific audience segment.

To be effective in our hyper-digitalised world, online marketing strategies must be built around audience understanding, incorporating just the online channels and digital marketing implementations that are relevant for the specific industry, business and audience segments in question.

Unlike in B2C, where general brand awareness is still as important as ever. If you’re a B2B marketer today, your digital marketing strategy and every digital marketing campaign you implement must be able to prove its ROI.

For a full breakdown of what’s needed in a modern B2B marketing strategy, download our handy guide, or for more info get in touch to speak with one of our marketing experts.

A digital marketing campaign is an online marketing effort aimed at boosting awareness engagement, conversions, lead generation, website traffic, or revenue growth.

Sat within an overarching digital strategy, a digital campaign will work towards measurable, business-wide digital marketing objectives by targeting a specific audience segment at either the Awareness, Conversion or Nurture stage of the buyers’ journey.

Knowing how to plan a digital marketing campaign rests on 2 key factors:

  • audience understanding
  • and planning

The more in-depth your audience research and the more thorough your marketing campaign plan, the more effective your internet marketing campaign will be. It’s that simple.

Digital marketing campaign steps

For each campaign, the digital marketing plan should cover the following core steps:

  • Marketing campaign plan

Here you will establish clear measurable goals in line with your broader strategy, research your target audiences, and develop a campaign strategy to move forward with.

  • Marketing campaign development

Here you will develop the campaign strategy, determine distribution channels and methods, develop the creative approach and output, build the tone of voice, undertake SEO research, establish a digital advertising campaign timeline and assign responsibilities.

  • Marketing campaign implementation

Here your team will implement each aspect of the campaign in line with your campaign timeline.

  • Marketing campaign analysis

Each campaign must be measurable in line with ROI and business growth. Here you will track and manage results, determine value, and learn and adapt from your results.

A good digital marketing plan will lead you through the necessary steps to arrive at a digital campaign that is made-to-measure for your target audience. To keep you on track, here’s a comprehensive digital marketing campaign planning template that you can use to ensure success with your next performance-driven digital campaign.

Here are four simple ways to enhance your online marketing strategies:

1) Learn from your mistakes

The first thing you need to go is to analyse your previous internet marketing strategies to understand what’s working and which areas need your attention. You can take advantage of online data analysis tools to drill down into the relative success of your digital marketing mix.

Tools like Google Analytics, heat-map analytics and A/B testing help determine the weak spots and engagement drop-offs in your strategy and then start to build a marketing plan that addresses these identified weaknesses.

2) Analyse your competitors

From SEMrush to Google Analytics, there are countless powerful tools to help you take a deep dive into your competitors’ marketing strategy.

If you find a useful marketing strategy example then you can use online tools to analyse things like keyword strategies, brand terminology and referral links.

3) Set clear objectives

Once you’ve completed your analyses of your previous campaigns and those of your competitors, it’s time to start laying out your marketing plan and establishing new KPIs and ways of measuring your success and return on your investment.

Big Rock has prepared a Digital Strategy Guide that will help you map out your digital media strategy and covers the eight core components to bear in mind when deciding on a growth-oriented digital marketing plan.

4) Get to know your audience

Audience research and analysis is crucial if you want to create powerful content that resonates with your customer base.

In order to market to your audience successfully, you have to understand them. One of the key ways to do this is to build a series of buyer personas that you can test in different marketing scenarios. By analysing the metrics surrounding your most important demographics, you can refocus your campaigns to engage with them more directly.

You can also monitor your own content and that of your competitors by using a tool like Buzzsumo, this will tell which content has the most shares over social media and which links capture influencers’ attention. Combining this information with your buyer persona will provide you with significant insight into your customer and how best to tailor your content so it captures their attention in an organic, meaningful way.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, the benefits of digital marketing are obvious and manifest. If you use the right marketing techniques, your digital strategy is a low-cost to high-benefit way of communicating with a huge online audience. Here are some of the benefits of a digital media strategy:

  • You can interact directly with your customers

There are countless examples of brands ‘winning the internet’ with their fast, funny and sincere social media interactions. The advantages of marketing through social media has been well-documented. Using social isn’t just a tool for interacting with existing customers and increasing brand loyalty, it’s also about drawing new customers with wit, speed and efficiency.

  • You can monitor your competitors

Setting a Google alert for your competitors allows you to analyse what they’re doing and how you could implement the best of their digital innovations in your own campaigns. The benefits of digital marketing are especially bountiful when it comes to analysing data.

Using tools like Semrush allows you to take a look at effective SEO strategies and an online app like Buzzsumo will help you identify the key trends and influencers in your desired consumer base.  Every misstep a competitor makes is a lesson on how to make your own work better.

  • You can accurately monitor the effectiveness of your campaign

No other form of marketing offers the level of instant feedback as digital marketing. Not only can will you have the most accurate metrics detailing the audience uptake of your digital campaign, but you can drill down into your data for insights into consumer trends and psychology.

  • You can create quick, lean campaigns that let you try out ideas

The importance of marketing in the digital sphere cannot overshadow the potential for creativity and verve. One of the most thrilling things about working online is the ability to iterate quickly, adapting to change and responding to changing consumer moods as you see them develop and fade out. A throwaway social media interaction could result in a meme or a huge public response – for good or for ill – and this could tell you a lot about what the nature of your long term marketing strategy should be.

We’ve put together a campaign planning template and digital strategy guide to help you marshal your ideas and create a dynamic online campaign that will really get everyone talking.

Need more guidance? If you’d like to speak with one of our marketing experts, get in touch.

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