Big Rock’s innovation team break new ground for business marketers

Since launching back in 2011, we’ve always championed the importance of quality, innovative content for brands who want to stand out, create high performing campaigns and differentiate themselves online. To help our clients achieve this we launched Pebble Studios back in 2014 – An internal production team dedicated to creating high impact video, interactive and immersive content. 5 years on Pebble continues to go from strength to strength, helping ambitious brands connect deeper with their audiences.

To highlight some of the pioneering work that Pebble has delivered, it gives us great pleasure to share with you the 2019 Pebble showreel. 


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Charlie Bevan

Charlie Bevan

Having spent the first six years of his working life in front line sales for HSBC, Charlie co-founded Big Rock back in 2011 with the aim of providing corporate sales teams far smarter marketing solutions. Another 10 years on, and Charlie is now a leading voice in the industry on marketing tech and its power to change the way we do business.

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Big Rock

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