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Big Rock is foremost a B2B marketing specialist. We bring together two distinct groups of people; those that are data driven, analytical and keen problem solvers with creative blue sky thinkers who can inspire and engage. By combining these skill sets we help our clients be smarter with the way they communicate and drive maximum ROI.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Without a unified approach that considers the whole sales funnel, businesses run the risk of wasting huge amounts of money on piece-meal marketing that can fail to deliver tangible results for businesses. At Big Rock, we help create fully functioning buyer journeys so that every ounce of hard graft gets maximum return on investment. This includes looking at how you are attracting customers online, how you’re converting them via your website and channels and finally how you’re turning these leads into repeat and delighted customers.


Inbound Marketing

B2B Marketing Automation

Integrating the right technology into your marketing strategy is the key to leveraging every piece of content to it’s maximum potential. It allows you to learn from your customers online behaviour, then nurture them with relevant and timely content, automatically and at scale. Only when these visitors are ready to buy, do they drop into your CRM – providing warm and qualified leads for your sales team to pursue.

Marketing Automation

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