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At Big Rock, we work with brave fintech brands to get them where they want to be, transforming their grand visions into incisive growth strategies that: deliver fast, get results, reduce cost per acquisition, and prove ROI every step of the way.

To do this, we bring together a wicked combination of expert data-crunchers and our own award-winning creative studio to develop high-octane content, campaigns and strategies that work full-throttle across all relevant channels to enhance digital performance, accelerate growth and inspire audiences. Feeling brave?

Grow & Scale

We’ll help you analyse your gap and optimise your growth strategy to unleash the true potential of your innovations on the world.

By engaging your customers, automating and aligning your sales and marketing teams, and delivering stand out creative that resonates long after the first impression, we can get you where you want to be!

Reduce your cost per acquisition

Getting costs down and performance up is our top priority –  so we never pigeonhole our clients into a rigid bracket or package. With so many unique variables at play, that’s just not an effective approach to digital. Instead, we trim all the fat to ensure that only those elements that can work effectively for you are working effectively for you!

To do this, our digital experts go deep to establish the most incisive growth strategy for your unique situation, utilising the compounding effects of inbound marketing, SEO, social media advertising, social media management, PPC and Paid services, marketing automation, cutting-edge lead generation techniques, A/B testing and stunning creative content –  all in the name of maximising your digital performance while reducing your cost per acquisition.

Speed of Delivery

Unlike other digital agency’s, we’re armed with a thorough understanding of the fintech space – meaning a) your proposition will never be lost on us, and b) we can work fast to get you where you want to be!

With finance sector and tech experts galore, and our very own award-winning creative studio – affectionately known as Pebble – living right here in the Big Rock office, we’re set up to work quickly, seamlessly integrating data and creative from the very first brainstorm to quickly deliver empowering results for our clients.


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