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Whether on TV, online or out of home, we’re transforming financial advertising into something highly engaging, more approachable and intensively results-driven. This unique performance-driven creative approach has already allowed our clients of all sizes to achieve new levels of awareness, engagement and growth from previously untapped areas, making us the go-to financial advertising agency for future thinking Fintech and financial brands.

No matter how complex your business, service, or product, our award-winning creative team and financial services advertising specialists have a knack for constructing emotive ideas that deliver far beyond their initial contact. What’s more, our holistic approach to advertising means we don’t just look to pull people to your brand, we also nurture them through the entire sales journey, leaving you with a stream of great customers who keep coming back for more.

Idea Generation

Effectively advertising financial services requires a brilliant mixture of sector insight and creative flair. At Big Rock, we have both in abundance. In financial advertising, idea generation must be built on detailed research that spans your business, your industry and your audience. Only then can truly effective creative be engineered that is guaranteed to hit every mark and drive fast, long term growth for your business.

Working with b2b, Fintech and Financial services brands of all kinds, we challenge ourselves creatively every day, diving deep into existing and emerging financial industries to inform creative content and campaigns that make an immediate impact with your desired audience and lasts in the minds of every viewer.


A great advertising idea is only a great idea if it’s brought to life in the real world with passion, dedication and creative talent. Without this, a great idea can have little to no impact in the digital world and can actually leave new audiences with a negative view of what you do and what you’re about.

At Big Rock, we’re very aware that the production of an idea is just as important as the idea itself. That’s why we’ve created our very own in-house production studio – affectionately known as Pebble – to ensure all our great ideas can be realised just as we envisioned. This addition sets us apart in the realms of financial services advertising and allows us to create everything from film and animation, to 360 video and stunning virtual reality experiences.

Our team of in-house designers, 2d and 3d animators, and VFX artists are some of the best around and love the creative challenge of breathing exciting new life into financial advertising projects to leave your audience with a lasting impression of your brand.

Recent Projects


“The team at Big Rock were a pleasure to work with.  They really understood our challenge, they were data-driven and brought energy and enthusiasm to the project and really over-delivered in the end.”

rossa shanks

Rossa Shanks, CMO @ Dow Jones

“Working with Big Rock has been a terrific experience.  They really understood our objectives and where we wanted to go as a company.  Everything was kept on schedule and there was always someone thinking about how we can take our marketing to the next level.”

johannes lehmann

Johannes Lehmann, Managing Partner @ Symbiotech

“We’ve been absolutely delighted with Big Rock and their approach and implementation of SEO. In just under 3 months we’ve started to see No 1 rankings for our target keywords, and a significant traffic increase as a result.”

Dave Jenkins, Founder & MD @ Feastly

Big Rock has been a breath of fresh air to work with. Combined with their ability to complete projects quickly and professionally, their understanding of our brand and how we want to communicate with our customers is the main catalyst for our ongoing relationship. It is an agency we would highly recommend.

David Ford, Marketing Manager @ Share Centre

Have received lots of great feedback from senior stakeholders – more than anything else I’ve done in the last few years. Excellent work on that thanks very much.

Picture of Glen Stubbings

Glen Stubbings, Senior Marketing Manager @ Fidelity

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