What We Do

Your data is a complex, wild and abstract beast. But once reigned in, and properly understood, it has so many secrets just waiting to be put to use by your business.  At Big Rock, harnessing that data, and making it work for you, is what we’re all about.

How do we do it? We use advanced data analytics and audience research to gain a granular understanding of your world – covering your business, your audience and your sector. Using this understanding, we then fine-tune our creative and strategic approach to engage and inspire your audience, delivering the perfect messages, in the perfect places, at the perfect times. All geared towards enhancing your digital performance and driving growth, fast!

Putting Your Data To Work

We’ll work with you to identify the best way for your business to collect, process and analyse the data that defines your world, utilising leading data analytics tools and the whirring minds of our data experts to draw out actionable business insights and creative strategies that will unleash the potential of your business and help you grow quickly.

Understanding Your Audience

Using cutting-edge data analysis methods, we go granular to unearth all relevant insights that have a bearing on your digital performance. We’ll uncover the click-by-click details of your audience’s online habits and analyse the successes and failures of your rivals in the digital space. Then, using advanced data analytics tools, we’ll build comprehensive reports and persona profiles that draw together a complete picture of your world and your audience – all coming together to inform our creative approach and incisive digital strategy.

Optimising Performance

An intelligent feedback loop that connects analysis and iterative improvements is the beating heart of your digital strategy, elevating your digital performance from run-of-the-mill to game-changing.

At Big Rock, our advanced analytics process is all about marginal gains for optimal performance and growth. First, we’ll put all necessary measures in place to track and visualise all relevant data sources. Then we’ll go deep into your business data analytics to identify strengths and weaknesses, before optimising individual pain points to create a high-flying digital machine that utilises all relevant online channels for your business. And, because the feedback loop is ongoing, our process is completely reactive, meaning we can adapt and change as you grow, developing new processes and strategies to meet the evolving demands of your industry and your audience.

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