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Inbound marketing is about fusing the latest technology with content that adds genuine value to your customers. As audiences become increasingly cynical to interruptive ads, inbound is a way of connecting with them through fresh, insightful and relevant content, served at a time when they’re most engaged and in a way that is personalised, automated and guaranteed to hit the spot.

This scientific approach to marketing is right at the heart of what we do here at Big Rock. We’ve created a team that is a potent mix of data focused marketers, driven by performance, and an award winning group of creatives, known for making content that connects. Working extensively in the B2B marketing space, we’ve helped companies such as AON, ClearScore, Fidelity and Vodafone (to name just a few) adopt a scientific and content focused approach to their marketing.


Inbound Strategy

Whether we like it or not, audiences have tuned off to traditional marketing techniques. By adopting an Inbound Strategy, you will be able to drive more business than ever through positive brand affiliation and highly targeted content, all based on behaviour. From developing awareness campaigns over social and SEO, through to nurture schemes, lead scoring and marketing automation, our team is at the forefront of marketing innovation.

Lead Generation

Ok, so generating new leads isn’t exactly a new marketing objective, but somewhere along the line it seems to have gotten mixed up with the likes of likes, shares, CTRs, rankings and views; although these are all important matrix, unless they’re generating tangible new business opportunities, basing success on these factors alone is a marketing failure. Our highly scientific approach puts generating new business on a shiny plinth at the centre of everything we do, with other factors orbiting in place. We work tirelessly to make sure that we’re not just helping you generate leads, but that those leads are successfully converted into new business.

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

Timing is everything, it’s often the difference between making a sell and being cast aside into the digital abyss. Using automation and CRM technology correctly will allow you to monitor customer behaviour online, and serve up tailored content at the right time and in the right places. Our team have real world expertise across many industries in developing and implementing Marketing and CRM automation technology, helping you leverage the best platforms for your business.

Marketing Automation

Hubspot Partner

No matter what automation platform you use, we have in-house experts that can help you get the most out of it. Additionally, because HubSpot is one of the best automation platforms on the market, as an agency we have decided to partner with them to offer everything from installation, content strategy and development, SEO and keyword optimisation, email marketing, and lead nurture schemes. Essentially, our tailored solutions make us a high functioning one-stop-shop HubSpot agency for all your marketing automation needs.

HubSpot Agency Services


How To Kick Start Inbound Marketing

Amongst the saturated battleground of the online world, the techniques of inbound marketing are the key to attracting the right kind of customers and drive business growth.

Download our guide to get our top tips on how to kickstart your inbound marketing strategy, the keys to attracting visitors, generate more leads, and the best ways to convert leads into delighted new customers!

What they say

Everyone internally loves the video Big Rock created for us, have received lots of great feedback from senior stakeholders – more than anything else I’ve done in last few years. Excellent work on that thanks very much.

Picture of Glen Stubbings

Glen Stubbings, Senior Marketing Manager @ Fidelity

Big Rock has been a breath of fresh air to work with. Combined with their ability to complete projects quickly and professionally, their understanding of our brand and how we want to communicate with our customers is the main catalyst for our ongoing relationship. It is an agency we would highly recommend.

David Ford, Marketing Manager @ Share Centre

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