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All those paid ads that appear first when you search. They work. That’s the truth. Actually, PPC Marketing (pay-per-click) can be more effective than SEO, reaching your audience quicker and more directly.

Doing it right across every channel requires a deep-rooted understanding of Google Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter and every other channel where your audience happens to be. At Big Rock, we have in-house pros who have this understanding in droves, meaning we can unlock the full potential of paid search marketing and paid social marketing to make every channel work for you!


Across all PPC services, amazing strategy promises amazing and efficient results. You tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll build you a paid media strategy that gets you exactly that, for the least amount of money.

How do we do it? We take a scientific approach to PPC management services, analysing the efforts of all your toughest competitors and examining every relevant search criteria in-depth, culminating in an insight-driven campaign that is guaranteed to hit the spot, and boosting performance and accelerating growth for your business.


Our PPC marketing services don’t stop at getting the maximum amounts of leads to your website. Our care for detail extends to every aspect of the user journey, ensuring that once a visitor lands on your site, they’re engaged!

As an all-round digital marketing and PPC agency, our in-house team of digital experts and creatives are true masters at engineering and maintaining the perfect calls-to-action, landing pages and user experiences for your specific audience, ensuring your visitors are engaged from the first click, leaving them wanting to come back for more and stay involved with your business long after the first interaction.

Conversion Optimisation

With maximum engagement comes maximum opportunity for your business. Our dexterous and diligent approach to attracting and engaging the largest possible amount of new leads through Pay Per Click marketing services and PAID ads means one simple thing, more and more new business opportunities coming your way.

And…as our incisive paid media strategies bring in more and more new leads, we can learn from every successful interaction and every missed opportunity to tweak and tailor our approach to your campaign to ensure increasing levels of conversion success and maximum numbers of new business opportunities for your sales team to pursue. Remember, paid ads work, it’s probably how you found us! So don’t miss out on the business your competitors may already be poaching from you. Get noticed.

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