Internal Communications for Aon

To promote employee engagement and uncover new ideas to drive the business forward, Big Rock helped launch the ‘Aon Innovation Quest’ - smashing KPI's by generating over 7000 active discussions and 900 fresh ideas.
  • Client: Aon
  • Project: Internal Communications for the 'Aon Innovation Quest'


Aon is a global provider of risk management services with over 70,000 employees spread across 120 countries.

To promote employee engagement and generate fresh-thinking throughout their ranks, they approached Big Rock to generate an internal communications campaign to launch the ‘Aon Innovation Quest’ – A scheme to encourage employees to submit ideas through an online interactive platform. They could comment and vote on other employees’ ideas, and the winning ideas would receive prizes.

The Challenge

To drive awareness around the Quest, Aon needed a way to inspire people to take part. They wanted to show the resilience, hard work and fresh-thinking required to create a truly innovative idea. The cactus – chosen to symbolise this – demonstrates that even in the toughest environments the potential for growth remains, even if dormant. With no creative developed, we set forth with this concept as a foundation for the campaign.

The Approach

The Quest offered good prizes and would be fun for those involved, however, it’s fair to say that employees at large corporations are not always enthusiastic about these sort of schemes when they see no direct path for their efforts to have an impact on the greater whole.

We knew that to get maximum exposure, we had to create something that would look different from their regular internal communication campaigns. It needed to cut through the clutter of internal emails and communications. And, it would have to be emotionally engaging to make employees actually want to get involved.

Oh, and it needed to be based around the cactus!

The Execution 

With our cactus as a reference, our team gathered for a session of idea generation, discerning that a video would be the best solution to inspire applicants and deliver key information.

The video had to focus on some of Aon’s own keywords concerning innovation  – ‘stand out‘, ‘be resilient‘, ‘get the best vision‘, ‘don’t follow the crowd’ – all of which were attributes associated with the cactus (hence their analogy).

Our designers set to work on creating something that would be visually striking – we needed a final video that would engage and stand-out, forcing the attention of Aon employees at all levels.

The Results

The quest had unprecedented success, generating a total of over 900 fresh ideas for the business and smashing client expectations. It inspired over 7000 active discussions and was the most successful internal communication campaign they had ever launched.

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