Creative Content for Axa Wealth Management

Corporate conferences are not known for their stimulating appeal, but when the main subject involves exciting investment opportunities in China, death by PowerPoint is simply not an option. See how we captivated delegates with creative content for AXA IM’s Symposium 2016.
  • Client: Axa
  • Project: Creative Content


With our rich experience in delivering truly creative content for events of all shapes and sizes, AXA IM found Big Rock to be the perfect partner to bring their investment insights to life.

The Challenge

We’re big believers in first impressions, so when you manage to get your most valued investors in one room at the same time, they must be captivated from the very beginning. Unfortunately, creative content often plays second fiddle to set design at most corporate conferences, but with the potential to reuse and repurpose video design assets, the investment in content can live well beyond the event, both online and offline.

The Execution 

We wanted to tell the story of China’s growth through the AXA IM investment lens, focussing on the real investment opportunities behind the stereotypical visions of the region. We achieved this through a double exposure effect that told a compelling and intriguing story before audiences were introduced to the detailed insights in the symposium.

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