B2B Explainer Video for Vodafone

Despite being one of the world's most recognisable brands, Vodafone’s Global Roaming Services were going unnoticed. To change this, we created a simplified explainer video that boiled down their services to attract the attention their service deserved.
  • Client: Vodafone
  • Project: Global Roaming Services


Despite being one of the most recognisable brands in the world, Vodafone’s Roaming Services are largely unheard of. They contacted Big Rock to help them attract the right kind of attention for their roaming services.

The Challenge

Vodafone was looking to increase their roaming service offering to other, smaller telecoms operators.

To increase sales within this niche market, we needed to re-think the way they presented their service to the market, deliver knock-out sales tools that would help them stand out from their competition.

To boot, Vodafone’s offering was incredibly complicated, with lots of technical and pricing information. To effectively communicate what they do, we needed to strip this offering down to a few key messages that would encourage buyers to find out more.

The Execution

Despite being a B2B offering, we wanted to create something fun and engaging that would actually get Vodafone noticed in this space.

To show viewers what they’d be getting with the service, we create a video that toured through a series of quirky, animated locations that brought the key benefits of Vodafone’s Sponsored Roaming scheme to life.


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