B2B Social Marketing Campaign for Direct Line

Looking for an awesome example of a B2B Social Media Campaign? Look no further! Check out the latest campaign we launched for Direct Line for Business.
  • Client: Direct Line for Business
  • Project: Signature Styles for Success

The Challenge

Direct Line for Business recently developed a new insurance product aimed at hair and beauty professionals and asked Big Rock to help them launch a B2B Social Media Campaign targeting this niche – a sector typically resistant to traditional forms of marketing.

The Insight

To gain a better understanding of our audience, we set about interviewing as many hairstylists, make-up artists and nail technicians as possible. It quickly became clear that to appeal to this audience, we need something that they would find helpful, useful and obviously glamorous.

We wanted to create something that our audience would enjoy watching, learn something from and want to share with their friends and co-workers.

The Approach

Our idea was to create a campaign that celebrated the individuality of hair and beauty professionals everywhere while seamlessly. This tied in nicely with the unique nature of the insurance product… and Signature Styles for Success was born.

We would interview high profile experts from the 3 main beauty disciplines; hair, nail and makeup, and have them tell their stories. They would talk through their careers, the ups and downs, and how they made it to the top. We would then film them creating their ‘Signature’ look on a model.

The 2 elements would combine nicely – providing inspiring and helpful content to our audience by talking about their careers, but also showing the skill of the stylists.

Finally, to promote even more social interaction, we would then ask our audience to share their own Signature Styles.

The Execution

The first video we created for Direct Line for Business in the Signature Styles for Success campaign was with celebrated colourist Josh Wood. Josh has been working in colouring since he was a teenager and loves bringing his client’s personality to life through subtle changes in their look. Josh believes the ingredients for success in the hair industry are hard work, dedication and inspiration, as well as finding your own niche.

Our second video was for Sophie Harris-Greenslade. Sophie is a session manicurist and nail artist who has also launched her own celebrated brand, ‘The Illustrated Nail’. Sophie’s advice is to practice, practice, practice and use social media to build up your brand and raise awareness of your work.

The Results

By combining hair and beauty professionals with large social media followings and top directing talent, we were able to produce a highly sharable and impactful campaign. They resonated incredibly well with the audience, who began sharing their own Signature Styles, leveraging the ROI far beyond the end of the campaign.


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