Inbound strategy and content for ClearScore

As innovators in this field, ClearScore found Big Rock to be the perfect partner in developing a creative strategy and content plan aimed at building and educating audiences online.
  • Client: ClearScore


After creating rapid and far-reaching awareness with their TV advertising campaign, ClearScore approached us to help them turn interest into action with a creative inbound marketing strategy.


ClearScore’s aim to solve personal finance is a bold and brave mission, but one that we at Big Rock are passionately aligned with. As a start-up FinTech company, challenges existed at every stage of the customer lifecycle – from building a beautiful brand, to educating audiences about personal finance, converting them into customers and supporting them in the seemingly daunting world of credit.


From supporting their robo-advice app with social form content, to brand building videos, educational finance ‘hacks’ and careers promotional content, we’ve worked collaboratively with the team at ClearScore – joining our forward-thinking approach to content marketing and culture of testing to reach audiences in the most relevant and personalised way.

And as the ClearScore mission is continuing to become a reality, our content strategies are increasingly focussing on nurturing users, feeding into the CRM, SEO, PR and social strategies that will turn finance novices into consummate pros.


We’re very proud to be a partner with ClearScore, helping them to achieve over 3.5 million new users in just a year and a half.

But it’s not just the fact that they’re one of the world’s fastest growing FinTech companies that spur us to keep pushing their content strategy to new heights. It’s also our shared vision that finance should be for everyone. Only when the UK public is happy and confident to talk about money, will the most important result be achieved!

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