Helping ClearScore Achieve Rapid Growth

ClearScore knew what they wanted to achieve and wanted to grow rapidly. As growth partners, we worked with them to drive new subscribers, reduce cost per acquisition, maximise value from their customer base and scale rapidly - 2.5 years later, they exited to Experian for 275m.
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  • Client: ClearScore

ClearScore’s Mission

ClearScore has a bold and brave mission – to solve personal finance. Something that Big Rock is passionately aligned with.

To achieve the growth they needed to make this vision a reality, ClearScore enlisted Big Rock as a strategic partner to help them drive new subscribers, reduce cost per acquisition, maximise the value of their customer base, and scale rapidly.

The Challenge

As a fintech start-up, challenges existed at every stage of the customer lifecycle – from building a beautiful brand, to educating audiences about personal finance, converting them into customers and supporting them in the seemingly daunting world of credit and personal finance.

The Insights

Analysing their target market and current activities, we worked with them to develop tactics that would allow them to reach consumers during the awareness, conversion, and re-sell phases, as well as providing strategic advice on rapid scaling and growth.

The Execution

Our research-informed specific approaches for each stage of the consumer funnel; TV and retargeted social and display ads for awareness, a brand film and FAQs for conversion, and a chatbot and credit score tips series for re-selling, as well as a nurturing program.

We also helped Clearscore attract the best talent in the sector with engaging recruitment videos.

The Results

By offering support at every step of their growth journey, our assistance helped them achieve over 6.5 million new users in just 2.5 years, reaching a peak of 7000+ customers per day during the TV campaign, and ultimately lead to a £275m exit to Experian inside 3 years – a great example of the transformational power of insight-led creative.

(One of the many videos we produced from the ‘Improve your credit score coaching series’)


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