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Working with Direct Line, we ran a social media campaign to engage the building community and encourage them to take up public liability insurance. Now, it's exciting stuff!
  • Client: Direct Line For Business


Direct line wanted to run a campaign that could engage the building community and encourage them to take up public liability insurance.

Typically, this community had been resistant to traditional forms of marketing.

Our biggest challenge was to deliver a campaign on the right channels for the audience.

Our process

In order for a campaign to work really well (and become the semi-mythical ‘viral’), it needs to resonate with the audience.

Our social media team set about interviewing as many builders, plumbers and electricians as possible, and through this, found that they tended to consume media on pages such as On The Tools and the Builders Craic, with video being by far the most popular content of choice.

on the tools

With our initial research underway, we started setting some internal goals for the marketing campaign.

  • Our audience had to identify with the content, and see it as something that them and their mates would be part of.
  • Given the space and audience, the content had to entertain
  • It needed to encourage interaction and comments


Much of the content on those pages is very laddish humour, with tradesmen mucking around and playing pranks on their colleagues.

Through this, it quickly became apparent that a key challenge was going to be authenticity. We needed something that was going to look real and fit in with their world. It was really important not to look like a big brand trying to latch on to something they aren’t part of.

On top of this, we needed something funny. In order to be popular and shared around, it had to be funny enough that people would want to show it to their friends.

And, to work as a piece of social content, it needed to be short.


Rather than one film, we came up with the idea of a series of short videos, to be distributed on the On the Tools page.

Each piece would feature a number of builders attempting a silly prank, which would then go disastrously wrong. We would then use CGI fx to amplify the disaster, but they would be created to appear as user-generated content.

And, with the Olympics happening over the summer, we saw the perfect opportunity to mix these dangerous workplace activities with the summer games.


By partnering with On the Tools, we were able to get our content to the right people, in the right place.

The results of the piece have been nothing short of staggering.

On the tools

In total, the 3 videos have been viewed over 12 million times. They have been shared over 90,00 times, with 90k likes and 21,000 comments.

While views can often be misleading, the fact that our audience have been sharing and commenting on the videos so actively was a real highlight for us.

The most popular of the videos still receives comments and likes… despite being posted over 9 months ago!





All in all, this was a fantastic campaign for Direct Line and us, and shows the value of understanding your audience, and creating content that is targeted to them.

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