Inbound Marketing for Direct Line for Business

Direct Line for Business wanted to generate awareness of their insurance offering. To help them stand out, and build trust, we developed an engaging and creative inbound marketing strategy that solved all their audiences' problems.
  • Client: Direct Line For Business
  • Project: Small Business Hero's


Direct Line for Business wanted to build trust and raise awareness of their insurance offering in the SME space through inbound marketing.

The Challenge

Direct Line had already created a series of videos in this area, which focused on the ‘Small Business Hero’ and their personal story. To start the inbound marketing gears turning, we wanted to tailor the video content to Direct Line’s audience by packing them full of useful tips and insights that would drive engagement with the brand.

The Execution

By using a simple but beautifully shot style with clean graphics, we created a series of 4 videos that were informative and engaging. The videos were shot over 4 separate days at the Heroes’ homes/offices.

The Results

The creative content series we developed as part of the inbound strategy helped increase traffic to the Direct Line for Business Knowledge Centre by 40%.


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