Product launch for Old Mutual Global Investors

Sometimes even the savviest investors need a little helping hand when it comes to understanding complex investment products. Fortunately, Big Rock has an extensive background in FS sales, meaning were primed and ready to transform Old Mutuals' complex new fund into a highly visual and digestible piece of content.
  • Client: Old Mutual Global Investors
  • Project: Product Launch

The Intro

Old Mutual Global Investors pride themselves on the quality of their investment products; they employed Big Rock to help market and explain the complexities behind how they work.

The Challenge

As you can probably imagine, the process of doing this is by no means straight forward, making explaining it to clients a real barrier to investment. To overcome this, OMGI brought Big Rock on board to help consolidate the product explanation into a concise and striking elevator pitch that could be delivered over and over again.

The Execution

By focussing on the outcomes of the fund rather than the specifics of the process, we were able to distil what investors were really looking for. When executed in a premium and visually arresting 3D animation, the product not only became easier to understand but also created a trust in the solution – positioning OMGI as a high-quality provider of asset management services.



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