Content Marketing for Share Centre

Getting noticed in the financial sector is never easy, see how our creative content helped the Share Centre drive more brand awareness and ISA uptakes than ever before.
  • Client: The Share Centre
  • Project: ISA Launch Campaign


Share Centre are a retail stock brokers, who’s mantra is all about making investing easier and transparent for their customers.

To help attract new business online, they enlisted our social media services to help educate their target audience around financial investing and explain their products and services in a way that people could relate to and understand.


The world of financial investing is often perceived as a fairly complex one. Our main challenge was to deliver financial information in a format and style that wouldn’t turn first time and nervous investors away.


Utilising the Share Centre’s fun and friendly brand identity, we created a series of videos that set about stripping away the financial jargon and corporate shackles of retail Stock Broking. We produced a suite of videos that, through a consistent tone of voice and brand identity, solidified The Share Centre as the go-to site for home traders.


Our ‘Switch On’ campaign video increased brand Google searches by over 200%.


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