Thought Leadership Content for M&G

Looking to make thought leadership content that stands out? See how we helped M&G drive engagement for their thought leadership digital-led content.
  • Client: M&G
  • Project: Retail

The Challenge

M&G Real Estate was looking to produce a new piece of thought leadership that looked into the factors that made cities profitable places to invest in.

By looking at often overlooked elements of a city like the number of parks, Wi-Fi speeds, pollution and traffic, they could predict what cities would make valuable investments for the future.

They asked Big Rock to create an exciting promotional video that would encourage users to download the thought leadership piece.

Isometric image of Pollution in Helsinki

The Insight

To start, we needed to understand why our target audience would want to download the report in the first place. This meant getting to grips with the information inside, putting ourselves in the minds of the audience and plenty of audience research to understand the key things that would drive them to hit download.

We found that it was the unique nature of the research, plus the unusual results that it presented, that would appeal most to our viewers. This was the insight that led our creative response.

The Approach

To create a really interesting visual spectacle that would stand out from the typical collateral our audience would see, we wanted to use a unique animation style to bring the information inside the report to life.

We also wanted to tease viewers with some of the key results from the report, offering them a tantalising glimpse of the investment opportunities available.

The Execution

Because the report focused on so many iconic European cities, we decided to re-create 2 of the more prominent ones from the report; Paris and Helsinki. We used an isometric style that was the perfect combination of fun and premium; eye-catching but also unmistakably part of the M&G brand.

Next, we created a compelling script and used a Scandinavian voice over artist to give the video a decidedly European flavour and an extra level of authenticity. The style speaks for itself. Differentiating itself from all other content in this area to drive maximum engagement with the thought leadership content.

Isometric animated image of Helsinki

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