Internal Communications for WUBS

Western Union Business Solutions embarked on their journey of automation by using the Eloqua platform – connecting their sales and marketing teams in a way that was never previously possible and delivering the information through an engaging internal communications programme.
  • Client: Western Union Business Solutions


As part of the implementation of Eloqua, WUBS asked us to help educate employees around the features and benefits of automation, focussing on how it’d give them an edge in the competitive world of FX broking.


We all know that building the relationship between sales and marketing can be tricky at best, and when adding any new process into the bargain, it’s fair to say we had a challenge on our hands.


At Big Rock, we’re huge believers in the power of storytelling to turn dry topics into relevant and engaging ones.

And what story is more emotive than one of love? For this project we told the fractured love story of the sales and marketing departments. Using charming, bespoke character animation, the introduction of Eloqua meant this story resulted in a happy ending.

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